Kate Hess, Library Coordinator at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa City, produced this 5-minute video in which she describes and demonstrates strategies for getting more relevant and reliable resources when searching online.

She briefly gives a context for why the results of a Google search might not be as reliable as the use of traditional Library resources, and then continues by giving the following tips for effective online searches:

  1. Focus your search
  2. Have a search strategy
  3. Use Google site search
  4. Use Library resources
  5. Use Inter Library Loan service
  6. Use an Evaluation Guide

This video could be shown to students in context to many different lesson plans:

  • For an in-class lesson plan.
  • Assigned to students to watch before class to jump start a discussion on the reliability of information sources.
  • Presented as a precursor to a class visit from a librarian who could help students devise their own search strategies.

Click HERE to view the video.

You may click here to View the Evaluation Guide mentioned in the video.

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