Blogging was one of the topics covered during 2012’s Technology Teaching & Learning Institute.  You can view that session in the videos below.

If you are interested in creating your own blog through Blogger or Edublogs, please view the following videos.  Blogger is one of the two most popular free blogging programs with WordPress being the other one.  Edublogs is a popular blogging program exclusively for educators, and it can be free with limitations. offers a free blogging service, but it also has some limitations.  If you don’t want to host and secure the site yourself, offers 2 plans for an annual fee of either $99 (Premium) or $299 (Business) depending on your needs.  There is also that gives you complete freedom in designing your own blog or website, but then you need to find your own web host and your own ways to keep the website maintained and secure.  Most of the online tutorials are about this latter service, for which most teachers do not have the time, skills, or both.

If you have the time and technological skills to start a site, then below is the tutorial for you:

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