This is the 2012-13 Mentor-Mentee project of Trisha Swartzendruber from Nursing.

Current Practice

Students enrolled in Foundations of Nursing II Lab are instructed to read about physical skills and watch ATI videos prior to coming to lab. This is intended to prepare them for learning and practicing the skills in lab with the lab instructor. However, the ATI videos were made for the international use of the ATI online learning system and are not specific to the materials the Kirkwood nursing program are currently using.

Instructors are not demonstrating the entire process during lab due to time constraints and teaching philosophy differences. In addition, there has been a lack of consistency in regards to who is teaching lab and how they’re teaching the lab.  In the “real world” of nursing, skills can be done differently depending on facility policy and equipment. Therefore, there can be small differences between how instructors are accustomed to performing the skill.


I plan to video tape each physical nursing skill including: tracheotomy care, IV fluid administration/care, and nasogastric tube insertion and removal.  I will be using our facility with our current equipment/materials the students receive in their lab kits.  I will also be using our performance test out flow sheet so students can see exactly what is expected.

Project Completion

  • With the assistance of my mentor, Jennifer Storer and other nursing faculty members, we video-taped each lab skill; tracheotomy cares, nasogastric tube insertion and removal, and IV fluid preparation, administration, and removal.
  • The A/V department helped me splice the final videos and place them on VOD.
  • Links to the videos were uploaded to the ANGEL shell for…
    • Students to access prior to lab and test-outs
    • Instructors to access prior to teaching lab

Videos (links to Kirkwood’s Videos On Demand)


  • My project is geared to increase the learners’ readiness for lab and decrease inconsistencies between instructors, which should improve student performance and success.
    • Verbal feedback from the instructors was positive. They liked the consistency and that the video followed the test out sheets for the students. Instructors felt more prepared to teach the skill in the same manor and they also felt there was more time in the lab since less time was used for demonstration.
    • Verbal feedback from the students was also positive. They liked that there was consistency between instructors and appreciated having a video to refer to over and over as needed.
    • Statistically, there was no significant change in the numbers of students having to retest on the performance evaluations as shown in the numbers below.



# Retakes

% Retake

Summer 2012






Total = 8


Fall 2012











Total = 13


Spring 2013











Total = 13



With a common video each student can watch, the students will view one instructor and one way of performing the skill which will better prepare them for lab.  The video will also provide the numerous instructors teaching the lab common techniques in which to teach and evaluate the students. My goal is a 3 part goal:

1) Students will be more prepared for skills in lab.

  • The numbers did not reflect this. However, instructors thought that students who viewed the videos prior to class were more prepared to practice in the lab.
  • Several students did not view the videos prior to class and we will need to emphasize this more in the coming semesters.
  • Students did state they appreciated the resource to study with and liked that there was consistency between the instructors and with the test out flow sheet.

2) Inconsistencies between lab groups and instructors will diminish.

  • Instructors stated that they felt more prepared for lab and liked that all instructors were teaching the same process and that it lined up with the test out sheet.

3) Inter-rater reliability with performance examinations will increase.

  • Inter-rater reliability data was not collected this semester or any other semester, but students and instructors alike commented that instructors were able to be more consistent with grading since the teaching process was now the same.


Even though there proved to be no statistically significant increase in the first time pass-rate among students from semester to semester, I do believe the videos are needed resources for the students.  The physical skills the students are being tested on are hands-on and require all types of learning, such as audio, visual and kinesthetic.  The text provides the visual through reading and pictures, but the video provides a live audio/visual representation of the skill for students to then practice in lab.

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