At the end of the Fall 2013 semester, KCELT hosted the Technology Teaching and Learning Institute that featured integrating internet video conferencing (IVC) into the classroom.  During one of the three days, we concentrated on providing hands-on training on four IVC tools, including Google Hangouts.

According to our feedback, many faculty were interested in either integrating Google Hangouts into their classroom or learning more in-depth about the technology.  Admittedly, our training did not go into as much depth as we would have liked because we were following a one-size fits all training model that really slowed down the training process for our more tech savvy participants.  Also, the rooms we were using provided us with a few technological surprises that did not occur during rehearsals of the training.

Below is a video of KCELT’s instructional designers, Wilson Rojas & Jeremy Slagoski, reflecting on Google Hangouts with Sarah Rissler, a Professional Development Fellow who helped us facilitate the workshop on Google Hangouts.  This video also provides a good example of how Google Hangouts on Air, the live broadcast version of Google Hangouts, can be used for professional development purposes.

KCELT would like to utilize IVC technology such as Google Hangouts for professional development opportunities.  One advantage over Adobe Connect, Zoom, and Blackboard Collaborate is that teachers do not need a license for use at home and in their classrooms.  One advantage over Skype is that teachers can have more than one guest call in.  Kirkwood does not have an education license with Google, so our faculty can only have up to ten people on Google Hangouts.

We encourage our faculty to try out Google Hangouts with their family, friends, or colleagues at Kirkwood, including KCELT.  Would you like to try out Google Hangouts with someone?  Do you have an idea of how to use Google Hangouts in the classroom or for professional development?  Please let us know, we’d love to connect with faculty in innovative ways.  We love learning and sharing your ideas that help make Kirkwood a better connected college of learning.

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