According to the literature, assessment must be an ongoing process that provides opportunities for feedback. When students get feedback, they can see where they need to improve before it is too late. On the other hand, when instructors know where the students are regarding knowledge and skills, they can adjust the learning experience to meet students’ needs.

Kendra Krause, a faculty at the Allied Health department, implemented an ongoing informal assessment process using an online tool called Kahoot! This tool allows her to check understanding of concepts in real time.

“The reason I started Kahoot was to help my Medical Terminology students review for exams…I was struggling to find something that students enjoyed and was helpful for them on their unit exams. A colleague shared Kahoot with me, and the students loved it! Not only did they enjoy the game, but it also improved their exam scores”.

She explained that her students seemed to be more involved in the assessment process:

“It appears that students are much more engaged and eager to learn with the fun, interactive game… I have a couple of students that are pretty competitive and want to win. I have received good feedback from students”.

Here is a video recorded by Kendra regarding how to use Kahoot!

3 thoughts on “Improving the Assessment Process through Technology

  1. Kendra, thanks for sharing! I am a big fan of using Kahoot for review in College 101. I agree with a lot of your points here – students like it and the “uber competitive” students really, really like it! Most of the time my students use pseudonyms and not their real names. Some even use symbols or emojis(?) to represent themselves. I don’t know how they do that!! I use the team play mode a lot. Do you? This switches up the dynamic of game play and helps with team building. As a side note, I am having more and more students tell me that they have played this in high school so I think it’s good to use best practices with which they are familiar. My next step is to have student teams design their own Kahoots to deploy in class. I’ll post about it when they do. Theresa

    1. Theresa, I have not used the team mode yet, but plan to try it at some point. I agree with you in that I think it will switch p the dynamic of the game and help with team building! Having students design their own Kahoot game and try it in class is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is cool, Kendra! I’ve used Kahoot here and there, but I should use it more intentionally. I like how students are able to make up names and use emojis. Many students have used it before, so I also like that I don’t have to spend a lot of time explaining how it works and getting students connected. I love your video – thanks for sharing! 🙂 Judith

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