The video that we are sharing today is not about the iPad. It is about how people were inspired by other people. It is about how a growth mindset person can positively affect our faculty, staff, and finally our students.

I think the world needs more people like them. The world needs more people like Theresa Moore. She is capable of leading and inspiring people to leave their comfort zone and try new things. The world needs more people, like Rich Underwood, willing to take risks and to learn from them. The  world needs more people, like Shelby Myers-Verhage, willing to articulate real, hands-on learning experiences to their students.

As Richard said during the interview (spoiler), “It’s not about the iPad, it’s about the possibilities”. If more people were willing to take risks to explore new possibilities, the world would be a better place for learning and teaching. One of  KCELT’s goal is to assist and support faculty to take risks in order to achieve student success.

How would these people help us to achieve our goal? How could technology help us  achieve student success? How can we, KCELT and faculty, explore new possibilities?


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