“Along with what the instructors may do in the lab more or less (Virtual Welding Machines) make the students more comfortable with the whole learning experience”, Bob Wade said when he was asked about the effect of virtual welding machines in his class.

Also, Bob mentions how some students view aspects of the class like a video game.  To learn more about how gamification reshapes learning, please read this free eBook from eLearning Industry.

Finally, Bob discusses how the program has been revamped and is now nationally recognized and certified through NIMS.  To learn more about this process, please contact Andy Livin or visit https://www.nims-skills.org/web/nims/5


Photo of Bob Wade

Bob Wade is teaching Advanced Manufacturing in the Linn County Regional Center, as well as on the main campus in Jones Hall. Bob has earned two degrees from Kirkwood Community College, one in Computer Numerical Controlled Manufacturing Technologies and the other in Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication. Bob brings his industrial experience from working the last eight years at Schneider Electric in Cedar Rapids as a prototype development model maker and two years of internship at Integrated DNA Technologies in Coralville Iowa, working in their prototype development lab. Prior to being hired full time, Bob taught at Kirkwood as an adjunct faculty member for three years in the Career Academy.


KCELT is interested in your stories of success regarding technology integration. Please contact Jeremy Slagoski (jeremy.slagoski@kirkwood.edu), Instructional Designer at KCELT, to share yours.

So, what technologies are you integrating in your classroom?

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