After the Personalized Professional Development Learning Institute in  August, the Design Team (KCELT, L&D, and educational consultant, Jim Stephens) got together to code and categorize the ideas from  designs, recordings, and participant feedback to move forward the future professional development here at Kirkwood.

Based on the observations and notes during the institute, we realized a gap between the full-time and part-time faculty/ staff onboarding and professional development experience. We used your designs and ideas to map an integrated orientation.

The drafted onboarding and orientation experience map is inclusive and applicable for full-time/part-time faculty and staff. The orientation begins broadly learning about the College, benefits, and services for all the employees. Then it will focus on personal needs for each employee’s role. In addition, it is designed to maximize socializing and meeting other professionals at Kirkwood, building a talent support network, and engaging in informative conversations.

On October 7th, we invited those who attended the Learning Institute to participate in one of the mini design sessions to provide feedback on the current state of the experience map. During the three one-hour mini design sessions, we received more feedback and recommendations on the prototype which will be tested in January 2017.

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Thank you to those who attended. Your contribution in designing every step of this experience makes it more inclusive, innovative and personalized. The design team will meet on October 21 to review and revise this experience map based on the constructive feedback we received. As part of our communication plan, we will share the revised version of this experience with you, so please stay tuned for more information as the designing continues. We will be inviting you back soon!

What excites you about the possibility of a personalized, inclusive employee orientation here at Kirkwood? What ideas do you have to make this design a reality? Join the conversation below and please share this exciting movement with your social network!

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  1. Remember that this is a “dream” scenario, and to suspend any notions of constraints – financial and political. What would the ideal experience be like for you?

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