This post was composed by Brian Kalata, chef instructor in the Hospitality Arts department.  The original document was written as a reflection in the History of the Community College course.

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About Brian Kalata

Kalata_webOriginally from Buffalo, New York, Chef Kalata began working in the restaurant industry at age 13. He began washing dishes, sweeping and mopping floors, and taking out garbage before he was introduced to basic food preparation techniques. The work was hard but, in Chef’s own words, “rewarding”. Chef Kalata went on to study at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, New York, graduating in 1994.

Chef has since earned a BS in Management and touts more than two decades of industry experience, working in quality restaurants, hotels, private clubs, and resorts. Chef has been involved in college level culinary arts instruction since 2004, having worked in Illinois before taking a position within the Hospitality Department at Kirkwood Community College in 2011.

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